The Spires

In this sequel to the Sci-Fi Epic “MAXIS”, General Jeffrey Blades is called back from R&R to lead a special task force for the Executive Council. Their mission: to locate and study the ancient and enigmatic spires, like the one he discovered on Aris Island.
Unbeknownst to the General, Fang Quan the new CEO of SICO Industrial has made the acquisition of the spires and their secrets a priority for the planetary conglomerate and will stop at nothing to own their exclusive rights.
The race between the Maxis government and the planet’s largest company erupts into chaos and in their greed fueled haste, they will unlock the true purpose behind the spires and, with it, seal the fate of the planet.
“The Spires” is Book five of seven in the chronicles of the first extra-solar colony of the planet Earth.