The Spoon from Minkowitz (with Discussion Guide)

Award-winning international travel writer Judith Fein has the burning passion and unquenchable curiosity to dive beneath the surface and push past all obstacles to find the truth. In this case, the truth is the shrouded story about where she came from, what the Old World was like, and what remains of the places so many of our ancestors left behind when they came to America.

With heart and humor, she takes us along with her as she treks through graveyards, has a private audience with the Gypsy Baron of Moldova, meets the last Jew standing, communes with the dead, quaffs cognac with Russians, wanders among ruins, and hears the call of the ancestors, driving her on.

Ultimately, it is our story too, as we the experience the legacy of what was handed down to us in our families, relationships, beliefs, fears and longings. Cracking the mystery of who we are, why we love, and where we came from can be the greatest mystery of all.