The Sporades Sailing PIlot

The Sporades Sailing Pilot ‘2012’ is the most comprehensive pilot and cruising guide for the Northwest Aegean Sea area in Greece . This sailing pilot covers all the islands in the Northern Sporades; The gulf of Volos; The Pelion peninsula; The Trikeri and Orei Channels; The northwest coast of Evia and Skyros island. It has hundreds of chartlets, photographs and artwork to illustrate the well written and informative text. The author shares his expert local knowledge of the area. The book is a must-have resource for anyone visiting or sailing the Sporades and Gulf of Volos areas. There are no other publications that offer as much useful information about the harbours and anchorages and places of interest. This book is jammed full of nautical ‘nuggets’ and a ‘must-read’ for anyone sailing or wanting to know more about this area of Greece.