The Telepathic Vacuum Cleaner Salesman (Telepathic Vacuum Cleaner Universe)

Gelmon Wrackworn hates people, and that makes him the perfect salesman. He sells telepathic vacuums door-to-door in a world where door-to-door sales have been outlawed. He follows the motto, “If they don’t buy, make them pay.”

Unfortunately for them, some people really want Gelmon. Reedy Fence, a Telepathic Vacuum Cleaner Salesperson Policeman, wants Gelmon to go to jail. The ShadowMaster, a leader in an underground society that tests the limits of technology, wants Gelmon to exorcise some satanically-possessed telepathic vacuums. Judy, Gelmon’s wife, wants him to stop asking her strange questions she can’t answer. There are many others who want Gelmon as well.

Gelmon wouldn’t be a salesman though, if he gave people what they really wanted.

David J. Rollins is a new exciting author with a style all his own. His stories are unlike anything else you have ever read, unless you have read Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, Christopher Moore or William Rankin. And if you have read those authors, you’ll love David J. Rollins.

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