The Time Traveler Children of the Chiefs

What would the world be like if a person went back in time and warned the Native Americans about the invasion of the white man?

Dan Adams is no ordinary person. His knowledge, wisdom, and compassion destine him for a mission that even he does not foresee. Can a person go back in time and change the future? Would those changes be an improvement or the ultimate detriment of mankind? What would happen to the human physique of one having their molecules scrambled through hundreds of years of time?” Does E really equal MC squared when a man’s love for his lady is clouded by the intrusion of a gorgeous woman who may be his intellectual equal?

The Time Traveler—Children of the Chiefs is more than a science fiction novel. It’s a history lesson with a love story and an unexpected twist that is thought provoking with every turn of the page.

Sitting on the old, weathered bench that creaked a little as they shifted their weight, Dan looked up at the sky intently and asked, “Betty, do you ever have nightmares?”