The Ultimate China Travel Guide: Uncover the Beauty behind the Great Wall (Asia Travel Guide)

Does China Fascinate You?

Have you heard that China is an amazing culture with more incredible sights than you could hope to see? That’s the truth

China is a huge country and as such, it is packed with varied cultures. Over the history of the country, various parts have been occupied by other countries, each leaving its mark on the region. Food, culture and architecture reflect these influences, making for a truly fascinating visit.

With “The Ultimate China Travel Guide” you will be introduced to some of the top sights and foods across the country.

Disclaimer: Since this is a quick guide, this Travel Guide is intended to give you inspiration when planning your travel itinerary.

Enjoy Your Chinese Adventure

You could literally spend years in China and still not see everything there is to see or try all the many activities and cuisines available to you. The country has so much to offer visitors and this book will help you narrow down what you really must see in each area.

From the jagged Himalayas to the tropical shores of China, this is a country that varies drastically. There’s something for everyone, whether you enjoy skiing or surfing or something in between. Get out and enjoy life in a whole new place.

While you will certainly need to check out the Great Wall and Terracotta Warriors, there is so much more to China than the hottest tourist spots.

Experience China as It Really Is

”The Ultimate China Travel Guide” is designed to help you decide what you most need to see while you’re in the country.

Inside this guide you’ll discover:

Where to Spend Your Nights

How to Get from Here to There in China’s Bustling Cities and Open Countryside

Which Foods You Really Have to Try

Which Historical Sites Can’t Be Missed

How to Explore Some of the Most Fascinating Corners of China

When to Go to See the Best Festivals and Celebrations

A Bucket List to Help You Find Your Way

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