The Ultimate Road Ready Guide: PACE! What Every Carnival Veteran Knows And Carnival Virgins Must: The 25 Things…

One of the greatest shows on earth is Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago. If you have not gone, I would encourage you to go. If you have gone, then you probably are going again or have gone multiple times. Whatever the case, there are many ways to do carnival and in all of those ways, there are many ways to do it completely wrong. This particular guide was constructed to provide the carnival veteran with an addition of options and as a tool to provide to carnival first-timers, which are called “carnival virgins.” This guide was also created to give Carnival Virgins a great amount of advice about the things that you must do and need to do in order to stay on “Pace.”

And even though this book was written with Trinidad Carnival in mind, it can most certainly serve as a great guide for any carnival that you attend. I don’t know about you, but I enjoy being over-prepared and not overwhelmed. This book will serve you well and ensure that you are very prepared for carnival.

This book was reviewed by over 30 carnival veterans and they have all admitted and agreed that they will no longer write long emails and explain every nook and cranny of carnival to the virgins that travel with them in the future. They said they will simply send them to this book and only converse with them after they have read it and use it as a framework for their discussions.

The advice here is beyond solid and is not something that was made up. I got the real information from individuals who are a lot more seasoned than myself and made sure that the advice was and is beyond SOLID!

The core of this text addresses a phenomenon called “pace.” Pace and pacing yourself is the most solid piece of advice you can receive before carnival, but if it is not truly explained to you, you will not understand the many facets of pace and how pregnant the term it. Well, it is explained in this text and throughout this book.

“Pacing” oneself during carnival is crucial to a successful carnival but it does not start at carnival. It begins way before that. This book will aid you in staying on pace, getting proper housing, knowing where to stay, knowing what fetes to attend and even what music you should listen to and why.

We cover everything from what you should have in your suitcase and when you should pack and why!!

A trip to carnival is definitely not cheap. It is a pretty serious investment. And all I can tell you is this, “Investing a few bucks to do carnival right and to make sure you to it right is an intelligent investment.” Nobody KNOWS everything and during the construction of this book, I learned a few things myself — and I’m a veteran.

Enjoy and remember…… PACE!