The X3 Handbook (Annotated)(Illustrated) (Guides and Documentation for the X3 series of computer games by Egosoft…

The X3 Handbook is a compilation of guides, facts, documentation, wisdom and Humour for X3 Reunion and X3 Terran Conflict, 2 games in the Egosoft X-Universe series of 4X computer games. While not specifically for X3 Albion Prelude, the latest version of the game, the Handbook is still relevant for these players.

The handbook brings together a vast mixture of game information from a multiple of sources, especially because finding them all individually is almost impossible. The handbook presents each individual work in a logical progression with regard all others, gathered into one book for ease of finding and reading.

Warning : May contain insanity, irrelevance, irreverence and bad spelling. Read at own risk. This book is a compilation of the works of many authors and reproduced with their permission. There has been no attempt to standardize any of the words, language, phrasings or in some places the punctuation.The guides presented here were written all round the world by people with different levels of literary ability, from different cultures, different language bases, and with different concepts of spelling and grammar. So, anything you find in here which twitches your ‘proof reader nose’, should be taken out on the nearest Paranid.

Please Note : This Handbook was originally written in HTML for PDF distribution. Some of its original design wont convert to Kindle all that well. Sorry.

Best read on a device that supports Color/Colour. Optimized for Ipad and Ipad Mini.