Tiny Home Realities: The Other Side of the Coin (The Flipside)

Is A Tiny House Right For You?

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This book raises questions about whether or not a tiny or small home is right for you. The tiny house Movement is becoming more and more popular every day, what do you need to know if you are thinking about buying a tiny home?

Are tiny houses all they claim to be? Is there more to downsizing your life than just buying a tiny home?

In this book, discover an introduction to the history of tiny houses, the advantages they offer and some of the limitations and downsides to this lifestyle. This book will give you information about both the good and bad side of tiny home life and help you decide for yourself if a tiny house is the right move for you and your family.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

The History of Small HousesThe Advantages of Tiny HousesBig Drawbacks to Tiny LivingAdditional ConcernsThe Good, The Bad and The RealityAnd more….

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