Titania: Sci-Fi Fantasy Collection


Sci-Fi Fantasy Collection

Titania: A young farmer is summoned to the great tower of Titania and offered a prestigious position. Although he wonders why he was selected, he could never imagine the real reason or the life threatening challenges that await him when he accepts.

The Janus Project: The advances of modern science offer humanity undreamed of possibilities. We are even developing tools to take control of our own evolution. But does anyone really know the risks?

Visitations: Meg and her sister Helen travelled all the way from Halifax, Nova Scotia to attend a famous finishing school in New Orleans. Of course they didn’t know strange things happen there and that others have come from even farther away who aren’t even human.

Night Talk: A woman sits alone in the club car of a train traveling through lonely fields on a rainy night. When a stranger joins her, she welcomes the opportunity to talk to someone but no one would ever guess where the conversation will lead.

A Distant Friend: When Jason, the new kid in school, rescues Sam from a vicious dog, the two boys become inseparable. Sam soon realizes that his friend is different from the other kids, but doesn’t care. Just how different he is will be a surprise Sam will never forget.

The Bench: When you open your eyes, you find yourself on a wooden bench surrounded by darkness. You hear a voice and discover someone next to you. Your companion isn’t sure why he is there either. You stand, but find no matter where you go, you end up in the same place. You have a feeling you are both waiting for something, but what?

The Planet Below: The sole survivor of a doomed expedition has a fantastic tale to tell. But will anyone believe him… before it’s too late?

Human Choice: During a winter snow storm, a terrible traffic accident has occurred on a bridge over icy waters. The driver of a car is hopelessly pinned inside, and people are trying to keep him alive until an ambulance arrives. But all is not what it seems.

Big Questions: Our modern world couldn’t function without computers. They do things for us that we can’t do for ourselves. But what would happen if they no longer were satisfied with doing our bidding. What if they wanted more? What if they wanted to learn the answers to life’s Big Questions?