Trapped on Venus

Two astronauts discover more on the planet Venus than anyone ever expected. A baffling atmosphere, a crust like an egg shell, and alien creatures who perplex, astound, and endanger them; a spectacular space adventure!

Trapped On Venus begins with a small spacecraft, guided by two American astronauts who have temporarily lost communications with Earth and have to skillfully make adjustments to land on this planet of mystery. Venus is a tempest of 900 degree heat, swirling sulphuric acid winds, and a crushing 90 times Earth gravity that challenges them from the first moment they exit their craft.

The baffling terrain and the uniqueness of everything about it – including the creatures, the crust of the planet, and the conflicting opinions of scientists on Earth about what to do – involves the astronauts in a continuously breathtaking adventure for adventurous readers aged 13 to adult who enjoy the realism of science mixed with the imagination of fiction. This is a compelling story that teaches as well as entertains.

“Trapped On Venus” has it all: action, intrigue, compelling characters, real science mixed with speculative fiction, several tension-filled space maneuvers, some pensive philosophical moments, and even an incredible battle between alien creatures. You will never think of Venus as just that whisperingly-quiet second planet from the Sun anymore because it will become a place where amazing, spectacular, incredible things happen that will challenge our perception of what is an intelligent being and what is a creature.