Travel Free: 2014 Second Edition

This is the Second Edition of my bestseller “Use Frequent Flyer Miles to Travel the World FOR FREE” that can be found here:



Is the ability to travel free anywhere in the world worth 2 minutes of your time? If yes, CLICK TO LOOK INSIDE.

I completely updated the information for 2014 and added new features. Stop wasting your money and learn how to travel cash-free and guilt-free; how to travel often; and how to travel to the most exotic and faraway places you never thought you could visit. 

This is what people say about this book.

“Fantastic information, fun read.”

“Towards the beginning, I was impressed with his list of “Don’t Buy the Book If…”. This author clearly does not want to waste anyone’s time or money, and wants everyone to know exactly what he has to offer in this book.”.

“I just wish I’d had this book years ago. I’d have several million (literally) more miles if I did.”

“In general, although “lazy” is in the title, this author sure isn’t lazy when it comes to writing. He has clearly spent a lot of time compiling an extensive amount of in-depth information and comparison tables so you’ll know how to choose the very best cards for travel.”

“It would be easy to say this is a book about how to get a travel rewards credit card, but it really is much more than that.”

“Although the details of credit ratings, bank programs, and award travel programs can get pretty technical, the author keeps his writing light and enjoyable. Highly recommended!”

“Credit card companies are willing to give you LOADS of bonus miles when you sign up for your card. The author does a great job laying out exactly how this works. Great read!”