Travel Guide Box Set #17: The Best of the Mighty USA for Tourists & English for Beginners (USA, United States…

The Best of the Mighty USA for Tourists: The Ultimate Guide for The Top US Attractions, Finest Cuisines, Greatest Shopping, and Popular Cities for Tourists + English for Beginners: The Best Handbook for Learning English!

Travelling to the USA, plan the trip of a lifetime! Know where to go what to see, don’t miss out on anything!

Great restaurants like Le Bernardin, Nakazwa, Nick’s Kitchen and Blue Heaven.

The Best Amusement Parks like Cedar Point, Walt Disney World and Universal Studios!

Visit Popular cities and have all their info on your tablet like Boston, California, and the amazing Las Vegas!

Great locations given for scenery and natural wonders, learn about Mount McKinley and Yosemite Falls

And of course how could you not do some amazing shopping in the might USA! The Best of the Best shopping districts in America Listed inside!

Discover the adventure of the United States of America! All in One Download!

Learn English

Planning a trip to USA and need to learn English as a back up?

Want to learn English fast, quick and easy?

Need a reference for your upcoming trip to Japan?

Need grammar, spelling or just pronunciation of a word in the English Language?

Want to know how to say common greetings in English?

Or you just need a study guide?

All the answers are just one click away!

English covered…

The Importance of the English LanguageBasic Steps in Learning to Speak EnglishHow to Enhance DeliveryApplying the Simple Rules of GrammarConstructing Effective Sentences Beware of ErrorsMuch Much More!