Trigger and Friends (The Complete Federation of the Hub Book 2)


Con games Corrupt governors. Deadly rivalries between departments of the same government. And, of course, the long arm of the Mob. Even in our future among the stars, some things never change-except that the governors run (and ruin) planets, the rivalries are fought with spacecraft and energy bolts, and the mobsters smuggle real illegal aliens and make their getaways with subspace portals. It’s all just another day in that bastion of galactic peace and democracy, the Federation of the Hub

-and somebody has to clean up this mess!

Join secret agent Trigger Argee, scout adventurer Heslet Quillan and Holati Tate, master of intrigue, as they battle the criminal element on its own interstellar turf … and make the future a little safer for the rest of us.

At the publisher’s request, this title is sold without DRM (Digital Rights Management).

“Take my advice and buy TWO copies of this book! You’ll want to lend it to friends and (trust me on this: I have years of experience to back up the observation) once people get their hands an a Schmitz book, they don’t let go!” – Janet Kagan, Hugo-winning author of Uhura’s Song

“Wonderfully fresh.” -The Horn Book

‘A. typical James Schmitz mix of humor, strange mental powers, and mild anarchy. Delightful.”-The Ultimate guide to Science Fiction