When a pharmaceutical company dumps a contaminated batch of a new tranquilizer into the Los Angeles water supply, its people are poisoned.

The city is plunged into chaos.

And a desperate adventure is about to begin.

As violent rioting breaks out, millions are killed. Duncan Stevens narrowly escapes infection – and sets out to find his estranged family. But when he loses all trace of his children, he joins a group of Marines for a final, brutal assault on the city – that aims to destroy the mob within.

‘U.G.L.Y’ is a gritty, terrifying but also moving glimpse into a violent, broken world.

It will appeal to fans of ‘The Hunger Games’ and Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’.

H. A. Rhoades was born in Pomona California in 1972. His debut novel, U.G.L.Y, was inspired by personal experience. He is also the co-author of the third book in the award-winning Queen Vernita’s Visitors children’s series “Queen Vernita Meets Sir Heathy Bean the Astronomer”.

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