Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Plunges into Pennsylvania

Take a ride on the Reading Railroad! (Either pronunciation of “Reading” works here.) Yes, the Keystone State is rich in history, beauty, and the world’s most delicious cheesesteak (Whiz wit!). Follow Uncle John on a whirlwind tour of Pennsylvania from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh and all points in between with fun articles, amazing facts, vital stats, hometown heroes, and quirky quizzes. Read about…

America’s first zoo
William Penn and his quest for a land of religious freedom
The birth of Little League Baseball
The true story of the Johnstown flood
Encountering bears and boars in the Pennsylvania wilderness
How Ben Franklin invented the political cartoon
The Liberty Bell legends–some of which are actually true
Rocky’s famous run, and other Pennsylvania movies
Incredible things that can happen “Only in PA”
And much, much more!