Universal Genius: Collected Fiction of Erin Lale

A Time Yarns Universe Book

Most of the stories in this collection are reprinted from magazines that are currently out of print.

Short stories in this anthology:

The Timelessness Machine
(reprinted from The Sterling Web)
Hard sf

Alternate history

In the Beginning Was the Microchip
(reprinted from The Science Fiction Store Club Magazine)
Hard sf / cyberpunk

The Betrayed
(reprinted from Mythic Circle)

Stopover on Monta Colony
(reprinted from The Science Fiction Store Club Magazine)

(reprinted from Collector’s Club Newsletter)

Russian Sauna
(reprinted from Shadowlane)
Magical realism

Infinity is a Function of This Universe
Hard sf


Universal Genius is one of three volumes of collected works of Erin Lale. The other two volumes are Polymath: Collected Nonfiction of Erin Lale and Renaissance Woman: Collected Art and Poetry of Erin Lale.

Time Yarns is a shared world transmedia universe of alternate space-time continua. It is an imprint of Magicalrealist Gallery.

Erin Lale’s first book was Asatru For Beginners, first published as an ebook in 2002 and in its first print edition in 2010, but her publishing career goes back to 1985. She served on the Mythopoeic Society Fantasy Fiction Awards Committee, wrote for the sports page of The Sonoma Index-Tribune, published and edited the full format quarterly magazine Berserkrgangr for 16 issues, owned and operated The Science Fiction Store in Las Vegas, and wrote and directed the magical realist short indie art film Rain Dance.