…UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT: Peter Sharp Legal Mystery #5 (Peter Sharp Legal Mysteries)

A dock neighbor of Peter’s is charged with murder. Unfortunately, this boat neighbor is a suspended police officer with a known dislike for people who are the color of his alleged victim, and he was arrested standing over the dead man’s body.

Although seemingly impossible, the defense gets even more difficult when ballistics shows that the defendant’s gun was the murder weapon.

In addition to the murder defense, Peter once again manages to keep juggling more than one case at a time while he also gets involved with who he thinks might be ‘Miss Right,’ represents a 500-pound woman who is being discriminated against by her landlord, and unintentionally uncovers a white supremist militant organization, and a group of people who are bootlegging copies of recently released major motion pictures.

If all this isn’t enough to completely fill Peter’s plate, his ex-wife, prosecuting District Attorney Myra Scot, makes a mistake when she subpoenas little Suzi to come and testify as a prosecution witness against the defendant, believing that Suzi knows more about the case than anyone else, due to her friendship with the defendant.

After what Suzi testifies in court and attempts to destroy Myra’s case, everyone knows that the District Attorney’s office will never subpoena Suzi again, and it’s worth reading the entire book just to see how Suzi manages to get her dog into the courtroom.

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