Visions Part I: Buried

Civilization has fallen. An ice age has descended upon Earth. Cut off from the rest of the world, the people of Cascadia are in a struggle for their survival. To make matters worse, their past is lost, destroyed in the fall or buried by greed and corruption.

Alex Markuson, a junior archaeologist, finds herself in a unique position to affect the fate of Cascadia. On an expedition trying to discover how the world as she knows it came to be, she finds herself faced with a new reality. The nightmares that had plagued her dreams as a child are back, only now, there is evidence that they are real. What this means will have lasting consequences for the expedition and for the people of Cascadia.

Little does Alex realize that what she finds buried deep in the ice in the most northern reaches of Cascadia holds the key to survival. All she wants is to use the knowledge she can gain about the past to help lift up what little of civilization remaining. Read the first installment of the journey to save the people of Cascadia from impending doom.

Part 1 of 9

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