Vodkaberg: Nine Years in Russia (The Burnout Trilogy Book 2)

In the year 2000, English Teacher X moved to the bankrupt, frozen, desolate country of Russia, seeking a quiet life.

Instead, he found himself the center of attention of the gorgeous, sexy, amoral, and abundant female population of the city of Vodkaberg, as one of the few foreign residents there.

At first bewildered and uncomfortable with the attention, he soon grew to love it and found himself settling in for a long stay of girl-chasing and vodka-drinking, and staying much, much longer than he planned.

But as the years pass, Russia begins to change and develop into a fast-growing modern oil superpower, one increasingly nationalistic and hostile to foreign residents.

The lives of the English teachers, however, remain mired in a perpetual adolescence of self-gratification, and as he approaches age 40, English Teacher X’s conflicted emotions about his life begin to come burbling out at strange times and in bizarre ways …

VODKABERG: NINE YEARS IN RUSSIA is a portrait of troubled people in a troubled country during a time of rapid change, and another examination of the darker side of English teaching and life abroad.

WARNING! This book contains rude language and graphic descriptions of all kinds of gross stuff, as well as a general air of apocalyptic hopelessness.