Warrior and the Biologist, The

An alien invasion pushes mankind to the point of extinction. The raynids prey on humans as a food source, swarming through the universe like locusts from a nightmare. A small band of survivors of the distant planet of Gaviron hunt the monsters but they’re slowly losing the war.

Biron, highly-trained and gifted warrior of Gaviron, reluctantly agrees to a last desperate strategy. The goal isn’t to defeat the raynids but to make sure a few small pockets of humanity survive. To do his part, Biron takes on the role of protector on the small Earthling colony of Blithe. In exchange, the people of Blithe must offer up one of their women as Biron’s bride so that a small piece of Gaviron will live on. Heartbroken by the years of fighting the raynids and losing everyone he’s loved, Biron doesn’t care who he marries. Esta Brunner, intelligent, brave and attractive, makes as good a choice as anyone.

Esta agrees to the terms of their Gaviron saviors. And as she and Biron fight against their common foe, her alien husband’s easy charm and physical beauty ease the discomfort of the forced marriage. Their fledging relationship comforts them both until another danger intrudes on the planet. Once the fragile trust between them is broken, Esta realizes how much she’s come to care for her lonely husband.

It will take Esta’s clever mind and Biron’s knowledge and skills together to defeat the raynids. Before they can trust each other again, Esta must accept the depth of her love for her husband and Biron must learn what love is.

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