Warriors of the Edge: The Search for Stone

Life in the dimensional age holds promise for the future, if it doesn’t destroy everything first!

When his best friend, Masker, is whisked away in the middle of the night, Tarek Ortzen sets out to unravel the ominous warning he left behind: “Beware the two men, Jagged and Bear; they are dangerous!” Tarek agrees with Masker’s assessment. Certainly, Jagged and Bear are the epitome of evil. But that’s no reason to be afraid of them, not when the two men are simply characters in a video game. How could they hurt him?

It isn’t until Tarek gets cut off from his family with no chance of returning home, that he discovers this is no mere game. Somehow, it has crossed over into real life, blurring the line between reality and fantasy and threatening the safety of their dimensional worlds. With one world already wiped out of existence, Tarek must stop these men before the battle in the game becomes a battle for their lives!