Who Walks With Death (Infinite Domain Book 1)

On the world of Heim, after two thousand years of war, the Planetary People of Lyon crushed the Empire of Nadia. But after the war’s end, the Lyon people struggled to adapt to their new reality, and their age of peace was quickly one of darkness.

Famine, disease, and corruption ran rampant throughout their culture. Those with power were sharply divided from those without, and as Aether–their sole source of sustenance–became scarce, the Lyon elite were forced to conserve what was left to save their own.

Desperation sowed rebellion.

Now amidst a crumbling stellar government, in the shadow of a towering pillar, a young woman unlike any Lyon or Nadian has arrived. She brings with her compassion, empathy, and power unimaginable to the mortals of Heim. In their dark time, the girl from Earth holds the key to survival. It’s who walks with death that will decide who lives and who dies.