Why Live?

“To be, or not to be, the woman I was engineered to be?” is the question third-generation clone Kai-Lee Fox can’t help asking herself.

For more than 400 years, the star cruiser Janus has been a Utopia of sweetness and light. Life goes on and on and on for the Quingenti, five hundred souls who fled Earth when the Global Assembly refused to legalize immortality by human cloning.

Who knew six words as apparently harmless as, “There was only one Ella Fitzgerald,” could trigger a rebellion? But those words no sooner leave Kai’s mouth when the light goes on and the trouble begins. Before long the truth that rocks her world makes itself known to a handful of others, and at least one of them doesn’t have the sense to keep quiet.

When Dr. Ke-Ling Yan, the Colony’s lead geneticist and a member of the ruling Council, announces his intention to move for the abolition of cloning, the mild-mannered Quingenti reveal their dark side. How far will they go to contain the rebellion? As far as the Alpha Genesis Option. The AG microchip, implanted in every colonist’s brain at birth, is the excruciatingly painful fail-safe designed to wipe the mental hard drive and prepare it for reprogramming.

But before the mind police can make their move, Ke-Ling does the unthinkable—he commits suicide. His farewell ship-wide broadcast takes containment off the table for good, and life aboard the Janus degenerates into an interstellar witch hunt.

Will Kai-Lee and her friends survive the inquisition? Where do you run when you’re on a space ship millions of miles from nowhere, and the hounds are closing in?