Why You Should Visit Chiang Mai: 400 Tips for Tourists & Backpackers

Are you interested in visiting Chiang Mai? I hope you are, its a wonderful place, and I hope your allocating more than a couple of days in the city. You could spend a couple of months here and still only scratch the surface.

Many people visit Chiang Mai as tourists, and I’ve outlined fifteen days worth of activities for you. My hope is that you pick and choose the activities best suited to you, so to that end I have outlined activities such as trekking and zip-lining, visits to elephant camps, museums, snake farms, art galleries, zoos, safaris, hot air ballooning, massage spas, cookery schools – the list goes on and on.

Everything I have listed can be done in a day – and I’ve broken each day into geographical proximity where applicable. I’ve also created a walk-through guide to the ten main tourist areas within Chiang Mai. If you look at the list of contents on the preview page you will see the extent of chapters and different areas covered in the book.

What I have not done, and I will never do, is list dozens of hotels. These days the main hotel booking websites have up to date review scores by guests, and they are the best judges. What I have done is explain how to find the best deals and what to look out for in reviews. There’s no one better at reviewing hotels than the customers that use them

Reviews cannot always be trusted, though, and I have explained why. To that end, I have recommended the two best elephant camps in Chiang Mai, and explained why they are the best. The same goes for restaurants – many of the best restaurants in Chiang Mai don’t rate on the tourist lists – that’s because tourists don’t know where they are. In this book I’ll point you in the direction of the twenty best restaurants and cafe’s in Chiang Mai.

For those of you that are thinking about relocating to the city, I have recommended a few accommodations that are great value. There’s a chapter for digital nomads, where to learn Thai, and where to do TEFL courses that qualify you to be an English teacher.

I’ve included a couple of short stories to give you a flavour of the city, and don’t take them too seriously, they are parodies of life in Chiang Mai. The book is quite heavy on history, as the history of this beautiful city is fascinating.

There’s plenty of background information, loads of photos, and a ton of links. The book is not only a guide book, its a tribute to the people and history of this outstanding city.

If you haven’t already done so, have a look at the sample now and check the list of chapters. I’m sure you’ll see a lot to interest you there, then go ahead and download Why You Should Visit Chiang Mai now.