Wild World

Wherever mankind ventures, settles and attempts to lead a productive life, there will be those who follow in their footsteps, intent on taking the produce.

History tells us of highwaymen, robbers, pirates and even nations that found stealing and plundering was a far easier way of getting valuables than working for them.

So when humanity ventures to the stars, to settle planets, to make a new life, it is not at all surprising that some will attempt to profit from the labours of others.

Neither will it tax the minds of many to imagine a world inhabited by criminals who can do what they like when they like. A world where power is total. Power that is in the hands of a few.

A world where the evil can feel at home; where the innocent are abused; where murder and rape are inconsequential occurrences; where slavery is the norm.

A world that the Federation needs to destroy, but a world that remains hidden in the vastness of space.

Wild World, is the name of that planet. A name that the inhabitants rejoice in, and all others fear.

Cruise liners are frequently attacked, survivors turned into slaves; planets are attacked for plunder. Again, slaves are taken.

The Federation must do something. They devise a plan. It is named “The Valhalla Project.” The rules for the operatives are simple:- There are no rules! Do whatever must be done!