On earthlike Jevon, orbiting Rho Coronae, an iron age civilization reels in shock and terror as a new star suddenly appears in the heavens.
It seems a portent of evil – another “great wrath” such as the one that destroyed their ancestral way of life some 500 years earlier. But the ghostly object that so terrifies Woollies, as humans will name them, is the starship Santa Maria – a gigantic ark bearing some 35,000 followers of fanatic environmentalist Joe Green across 50 light years on a 500-year mission to find a new home. And Woollies present an insurmountable obstacle to realization of a million million dreams – a triumphant landing on an unspoiled, earthlike planet and establishment of a new, egalitarian, self-sustaining society.
Can humans turn their backs on this unspoiled planet and follow a mission profile that says a less developed culture is to be studied and left alone? Or has their arrival already tipped a delicate balance, setting Woolly civilization on a path to destruction and forever altering their own?
An irreverent look at human fads and foibles, past, present and future.