Z-State: Part I: Awakenings

Z State turns the traditional zombie tale on its head, reaching deeper and farther into human consciousness, and the unlocked possibilities that lie in our very being. Fear and revulsion walk hand-in-hand with insight and enlightenment.

In this future apocalypse, the victims of a wave of Z-dust unearthed in an archeological dig in Africa, enter Z-state, where they roam the earth, hungry for blood and brains, walking their familiar zombie shuffle. Inside, however, a new world is dawning as neural and extrasensory pathways open up and transport every victim into a new state of existence. Those in Z-state ingest information from their victims, and from their environment, learning and evolving as they march on in their hoards. Our story begins years later as those who were in Z-state who were assumed dead begin to wake up and begin the unsettling process of re-integration. Deanna is the first to wake up, and the story of all that she has experienced begin to unfold creating an unexpected, thought provoking, and startling reality of not only who the zombies were, but who humankind is as well

Who are we? Where do we come from? What is the meaning of life? What happens after I die? Is this all there is? How did I get to this spot from where I began? Questions every one of us ask are now explored from a new perspective, offering new answers, new possibilities, and in turn undoing everything we think we know.

Part I: Awakenings is the beginning of our journey into Z-state. Only when the first returning Z-staters begin to wake up can we truly begin to understand what happened, and the impact it has had on the world and everyone who experienced it. We see this world through Deanna, and all of the lost ones whom she carries with her.

Part II: The Great Western Hoard coming in February 2013

Part III: Reintegration coming in April 2013