Zero Gravity (Low Speed; “Future Travelling Technique Book.” Book 1)

A Genius level educational book presentation; so that the readers can easily increase their iq. many times over after reading this book.. Additionally, it is a hitech, hard science fiction story.

Reason; Zero Gravity is a concept which will soon overlap our day to day functionings. Care must be taken here to corelate zero gravity machines with the term “zero gravity”. 

The author, Deep Bora does not intend identifying a far more common usage term for ‘ zero gravity ‘ as weightlessness effects in outer space when earth’s gravitational force stops asserting its influence upon humans and other inanimate objects! No.

In this book: Emphasis is placed on machines which can successfully create zero gravity effects for fuelling planes, rockets and flight space ships — upon earth, within earth’s atmosphere and in deep space.

However, in its entirety this book is a very fast paced futuristic science fiction story. 

Additionally, you…… The reader, will find detailed lessons intended for the interplanetary investigator. His interplanetary chief of star walks counter 2 intelligentsia teaches him certain subtle and practical lessons. Read on, comprehending how a person can become totally calm and composed from within. ….. Controlling his or her deep internal thoughts and emotions which never surface in one’s conscious lifetime.

These are those parts of the human psyche which modern medicines, psychology and psychiatry cannot control whatsoever.


It is stated that modern technology and medicine has discovered only one billionth of the human brain and its secretly hidden, concealed activities. Wow.

That upon discovering and revealing 2 billionths of the human brain, humans will be able to regenerate their hairs and teeth many times over through one’s lifetime. Etc. That the modern day diseases will become matters of the past and controlled human regeneration — after degeneration inevitably occurs — under suitable medical advice will take over. 

That was slightly off regular course and a slight diversion. It is comparable to modern day robotic operations being performed by computerized machines inside hi tech operation theatres. Of course the presence of experienced medical surgeons is of utmost necessity under such circumstances!


……Learn how the inter- planetary investigator ultimately develops such inherent human powers. Understand how easily a person can utilise the strength of an opponent and win a ‘ friendly’ duel — of any nature. 

This is a science fiction story involving inter planetary star fields’ agents. At a different time, the chief of inter-planetary star fields intelligentsia, teaches the investigator “how one can keep one’s mind cool at all times. His lessons continue, on remaining unperturbed even while fighting at close combat positions; utilising the strength of an opponent to win.